Introducing: Marxist Mixtape

carl marx (new) copy

PopFront is proud to introduce Marxist Mixtape, a regular series about music, culture and politics. The goal of Marxist Mixtape is to cover individual songs from any era or genre that could constitute a contemporary popular front; that is, music that contains some progressive or leftist content, even if it’s just a blip or a few lyrics.

Pieces are short (2-6 paragraphs) and include a link to the song, usually on Youtube. For every 10 songs reviewed, we will create a Youtube playlist—an online mixtape that you can jam to from any computer, tablet or device with an internet connection.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Marxist Mixtape

  1. ray

    ab-soul – terrorist threats comes to mind. a lot of ab-soul’s songs have leftist content so there’s probably a better example i haven’t thought of

    1. ben

      does any version of the internationale count? also, i’d probably browse through imortal technique, woody gutherie, and utah philips (more anarchist but you could probably find something revolutionary none the less”


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