PopFront is an online magazine about politics, culture and activism, proudly centered in the Left Coast.  We’re re-centering the national political conversation and bringing together the left.

PopFront is more than just a magazine, though. We are:

  • A bridge between POP culture and a political FRONT. In Labor’s heyday in the United States, both culture and politics were demonstrably shifted to the left. The implicit relationship between organizing and art, referred to as “The Cultural Front“ by Michael Denning, propelled the reforms of the New Deal and influenced American society for generations.
  • A hub for west coast political debate. The west coast is oft ignored by the intellectual left. PopFront is about re-centering the political conversation in the United States. New York and DC have been “normalized” as the center of politics in this country, despite demographic and cultural shifts in the past century; our goal is to make people re-think this norm.
  • An intellectual salon for the West Coast. PopFront is about debate, discussion and dialogue. We are inclusive and diverse in voices and goals; we are about uniting, rather than fractionalizing, as the left is wont to do.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Sean

    As someone who is left politically your kind of hit pieces and disinformation will not bring together the left it will fracture it further. You’re pushing people farther right because they do not want to be associated with this kind of muckraking and extreme leaps.

  2. BigDaddyDon

    I agree with one thing, you wont be silenced. Its impossible to silence stupidity. Only an uneducated liberal with nothing but free time and plenty of welfare funds could write this kind of garbage.

  3. johnny blanco

    Comments are closed on the Taylor Swift article? Guess what.. it’s a fucking MIRACLE that you idiots don’t get sued into the fucking ground because THIS is SLANDER. PURE and SIMPLE! If I was Swift.. and you’re lucky I am not.. the person that wrote this bullshit hit piece would NEVER write for ANY website EVER. Toxic piece of fucking garbage website.

  4. Liam

    I have read with interest your post about Taylor Swift. I am of the opinion that you are indeed trying to attack an innocent person. I have seen Taylor’s video which you spoke of and in no way was it in anyway purposely evoking Hitlers reign (I am Jewish so I can say that with a sense of certainty). Anyone who has followed Miss Swift knows she is making her reference to her squad of girls she hangs out with. There has been many videos with the same types of groupings (see rythym nation as an example) or formations in them. The impression that you leave any reader who knows anything about Taylor Swift with is that you are merely righting a sensationalist piece to gain attention for yourself on her coat tails. Free speech is wonderful but smart people know when it is truth or lies you are telling merely to ruin someone you obviously don’t like. Getting the ACLU involved only adds to my impression that you know you are in the wrong and will lose in a court of law if someone doesn’t attempt to protect you. You owe Miss Swift an apology but at this point you have taken things to far for that. I look forward to seeing your trashy story destroyed in court.

  5. ImWithHer

    I’m moderately left (strongly favored Hillary over Bernie in 2016) and I wholeheartedly agree with your criticism of Taylor Swift. When disgraceful and hateful groups endorse you and you disagree with their opinions, you disavow them. Taylor Swift’s silence on the alt-right is exactly the same level as Donald Trump’s reactions to Charlottesville or David Duke’s endorsement. In the best case scenario, Taylor Swift is an unprincipled greedy narcissist but you present pretty convincing evidence that she is as good as lowercase kkk. Keep writing, because it looks like you are doing a great job triggering and offending white supremacists and the alt-right.

  6. Misaad Taha Alwi

    Although I’m an ardent fan of Taylor Swift’s music, I agree with your post linking her to white supremcy. The image she constantly tries to create, of herself and the image her actions allude to, contradict each other. She portrays herself as this strong, inspiring, brave and relatable person but she never stood up for anything significant, other than the blocking of free music on streaming services like Spotify!
    Claiming that she did not want to divide her fans by making her political sentiments known is a feeble excuse. If she honestly wants to connect with people, the least she can do is reveal who she really is, by sharing her thoughts on the major issues affecting people around her (fans included!). Using a team of lawyers to intimidate people is an act of cowardice, of a bully! It feels like she is one of those people who cannot handle being not liked, make a huge fuss about how they don’t care, proving that they do – way too much! She could condemn racism and white supremacy, which is the right and best course of action. Instead she silently promotes it by being a mute spectator to political change and a bully towards people practicing their right to free speech! She didn’t have to support anyone publicly during the recent elections. She could have acknowledged that racism is wrong and women’s rights mattered! I reiterate that I love her music – but most of her songs give the impression that America is the land of blue eyed people with blonde hair, living rosy lives, experiencing relationship issues! Maybe my assessment is harsh and not applicable to her as an artist, but sometimes I can’t help but feel like that! I still love the creative yet simple ways in which she tells stories through her songs.

    These are times of pseudo love,
    These are times of unreasonable hate.
    Acceptance is a fashion trend,
    Political correctness is current!
    No one can accuse us of being who we really are,
    Considering how well we’ve managed to camoflage!
    Hiding behind a front,
    Of faux peace and deceptive liberality,
    Fallacious beliefs and hollow sentimentality!
    There are those, who care too much,
    And then those, who do not care enough!
    Extremism is a bane,
    Moderation is in vain!
    Compromise arouses exaggerated indignation,
    Sensibility replaced by undue consternation!
    Diversity is confined to grandiose proclamations,
    Positive initiatives, reduced to mere social celebrations!
    There’s an ideal stereotype,
    With everyone clamouring to conform and abide!
    The world is bigger than what you see,
    There is more to what you know,
    We are ultimately, what we believe!


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