PopFront is an online magazine about politics, culture and activism, proudly centered in the Left Coast.  We’re re-centering the national political conversation and bringing together the left.

PopFront is more than just a magazine, though.  We are:

• A 501(c)(3) nonprofit. PopFront is helping build a broad coalition of leftists, progressives and liberals.  By incorporating as a nonprofit, we’re committed to the idea that this project goes far beyond any person or profit margin.

• A bridge between POP culture and a political FRONT.  In Labor’s heyday in the United States, both culture and politics were demonstrably shifted to the left.  The implicit relationship between organizing and art, called the cultural front by Michael Denning, propelled the reforms of the New Deal and influenced American society for generations.

• A hub for west coast political debate.  The west coast is oft passed over by the intellectual left, by and large centered in DC and New York. PopFront is about re-centering the political conversation. New York and DC have been “normalized” as the center of politics in this country, despite demographic and cultural shifts in the past century; our goal is to make people re-think these norms.

• A French Salon for the West Coast. PopFront is about debate, discussion and dialogue. We are inclusive and diverse in voices and goals; we are about uniting, rather than fractionalizing, as the left is wont to do.

Right now, we’re looking for collaborators—writers, designers, artists, editors, photographers and proofreaders.  If you’re interested, email us.

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