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  1. Tolga Avan

    Your article about Taylor Swift is just disgusting, read the whole please, before throwing this to the trash.

    I live in France, and I’m French, my parents emigrated from Turkey so believe me, I know a lot about immigrants/racism, etc. The problem here isn’t Taylor Swift, it’s just United States and oh … you too.

    Aren’t you ashamed of sharing wrong informations based on the quotations of a neo-nazi ? Aren’t you ashamed of using Taylor Swift’s name to gain popularity ? But mostly, aren’t you ashamed for judging someone who decided to stay out of the politics ?

    It’s not because she didn’t say “Vote for Hillary” that she is a fascist-KKK-Trump fan and supporter. If you had really investigated on that subject you would have known that Taylor Swift has voted for Hillary. (Haven’t you saw that Instagram post from a model (i don’t remember who posted it maybe martha), where she was tagged (something very rare for Taylor Swift), in the same caption with #voteforher #VOTEFORHILLARY.)

    But the point here isn’t if Taylor Swift has voted for Hillary, sorry to say that, but it’s about the whole white victim image you’re trying to give her.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but she has all her rights to complain about her problems, if you’re not happy just don’t listen and turn to the next song.
    But what are her problems ? And what’s the whole drama with Kanye ? (who clearly, unlike Taylor Swift “the white women who is playing the victim”, has supported publicly and has taken pictures hand to hand with Trump, your president, elected by Americans for Americans, the real white supremacist you have decided to elect (I’m French, so I can criticize you as long as I want, for just making shit all the time)).

    The whole point here is that, he interrupted her without an apology, he humiliated her, he said that she didn’t deserved her award.
    So all she did was trying to forgave him (song Innocent), and later forgave him, and started becoming even friend with him. (Would you be friend with someone who humiliated you in front of the world ? Would you ever forgive that person ?)
    Later, she even gave him an award, while making joke of that incident. But when we all thought everything was perfect, a storm was in reality coming.
    He decided to continue the whole drama, in order to get exposure, because taylor swift was the most powerful person in the music industry (not me, just Times magazine). So he used her name in one of her song. And when I say he used her name, it’s actually, he insulted her publicly once again, and humiliated her in public once again. Something she was PARTIALLY aware of. How would you feel, if the same guy who in 2009, humiliated you while you were winning an award you deserved and worked hard for, but later you tried to forgave because everybody was insulting you of playing the victim, while you were an actual victim, humiliated you once again, and in front of the world (not actually the world because his last album was kind of a flop compared to taylor swift’s sales), by insulting you and putting you NAKED next to him in his music video ?

    Like HOWWWWW !!!!! Nobody is allowed to do that I’m sorry. You can be white, black, asian, whatever, you are not allowed to call people bitch whenever you want, and put them naked in a public music video, just because “you’re an artist who is more talented than everyone else, because you are a fucking genius, with some serious male ego problem” (see I even find you a real issue to make decent articles about, male ego problem in a sickened American society) . That’s just inhuman. Just imagine, waking up, and seeing yourself naked, next to a person, who humiliated you several times. He is the one who made his fans insult taylor Swift during his concerts, he is the one who insulted taylor swift, and he is the one who humiliated her. How do you call Taylor Swift now, a “women who is trying to play the card of the white women victim imagery” ? don’t care if Kanye is black or not, he’s crazy and he is obsessed with Taylor Swift.

    So before spreading shit about people like a trash media, keep it classy and write great articles, with great sources. Articles who are relevant and who aren’t dissing women who have been humiliated by dudes, but still are more powerful and talented then everyone else.


    Tolga Avan.

    N.B : There is surely plenty of typing errors, or even grammar errors, I’m sorry English isn’t my mother tongue, still learning it everyday.

  2. J K

    I read the “Taylor Swift kkk” blog post after hearing about the lawsuit via NPR. I read the post again. The blogger doesn’t make a well thought out argument. If the blogger wants to educate readers about eugenics, that would be helpful; if the blogger wants to dig deeply into the racist roots of our country, that indeed infect the entertainment industry, that would be helpful. However, the blog post is, well, just not very good. It contains too many assumptions and forced arguments. The author could have written a thoughtful piece about any number of relevant issues discussed in the article but instead chose to create controversy and drag someone through the mud with no proof or evidence. I have no attachment to Swift or her music. I am vehemently anti-Trump and anti-Trump’s minions/policies/etc. I found the blog post to be a very irresponsible piece of writing. I will take the time to look at the rest of your website to see what else you’re exploring.


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